Wednesday, March 1, 2017

From what we knew to what we can do

     When our ancestors first came to the vast wilder woods of the Midwest, they brought with them generations of passed down knowledge.  Knowledge of how to and what to look for and when you do this and that.  All this knowledge was their toolkit, their DIY guide to raising a family, to not go hungry, to help those they met, to heal their ills, to surviving in this World.
     So much of that has been left behind.  So much has been buried away.  So much has been lost.  So much was not cared for and left to become esoteric only known by the fringe and labeled as archaic and shelved on dusty shelves as an artifact of who we were.  Closed up in boxes and covered in darkness only accessible with white cotton gloves or a gray headed escort, talking in what seems like an indecipherable dead language with little to no connection to our modern sensibilities, it has been hidden from our interests for generations.  But suddenly a glowing light is growing on the horizon.
       A generation is coming of age in a new age of knowledge.  Darkness passes us on the street and pops up on our news-feed.  A growing need of something is felt in our hearts.  Our minds start to wander from our learned experiences and our college degrees and start to hear an inner voice that is more instinctual.  So now starts the search for that forgotten knowledge.  Those basic life skills that used to be our tour guide in life. Now is the time to go back...So we can go forward.  Stronger than before.  No longer lost in cyber space.  It is time to learn how again to survive instinctively.  So that we can survive and thrive in suburbia.

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