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Here is a list of Gardening Courses offered by Sustainable in Suburbia.  Contact us at


for more info or to set up a class in your area.

Class #1:              Plan Your Garden Spring Garden Planting in the Winter
 So, you want to try gardening. You might want to… Save on the grocery bill? Have more control and knowledge about the food you eat? Help feed the hungry? Start a new hobby for fun?  So now what do you do?  Come to this class to learn about 1) Our Plant Hardiness Zone and what grows best in Central Indiana, 2) What plants require to be healthy and happy, 3) How to start some plants indoors, 4) Different types of gardens, 5) Planning a layout for your garden, and 6) Materials and tools that you will need to get started.  Who knew that Gardening can start by the fireplace when the snow is still falling?  Part 1 of a 4-part series.  BEGINNER

Class #2:              Better preparation = Better Results
 “I’m ready to get started, so what’s next?” By putting a little more effort in at the beginning, you will save yourself work and time and have a much better looking garden and bigger harvest. Come to learn 1) how to prep the soil in your garden beds and do a soil test, 2) tricks that will help to prevent weeds, disease and pest problems later, 3) what plants grow great together, 4) economic water and feeding methods, 5) preparing inside starts for moving outdoors, 6) mulching, and 7) how to make the most of your space. Come out and see the joy that Spring gardening can offer! Part 2 of a 4-part series.  BEGINNER

Class #3:              Gardening Whodunit: Inspector Green Thumb at your service
Have you felt like this? “Oh no! Panic time!  My garden must be dying!”  Your hard work is not wasted.  Here you can learn 1) How to investigate the crime scene and identify the culprit…was it insects or animals, disease, lack of nutrients, an overabundance of a mineral, too little or too much water? 2)  Learn to fix the damage without breaking your budget or hurting the environment, and   3) discover how to pamper those plants to ensure they can finish the race. Come find out just what your plants need to be happy again!  Part 3 of a 4-part series.    BEGINNER

Class #4: Managing the Abundance: Getting the most from your Garden beds the whole year round
 Well I’ve been munching here and there but things are now starting to really pick up!  What do I do?!  Learn how to 1) Look for optimum ripeness and what to do with all those tasty veggies with easy recipes and preservation techniques, 2) Learn what you can plant for a late crop and 3) How to prepare your beds for next season.  Come here to learn how to keep that Organic Cycle going year-round.  Part 4 of a 4-part series.    BEGINNER

Class #5 Composting: Recycling and Reusing in Your Garden
Recycle and Reuse are bywords in today’s culture and very important to our environment.  You can continue these great practices in your gardens as well.  Learn Composting at home.  What can be composted, what should not, and how to do it.  It’s not as hard as you might think.  BEGINNER

Class #6: Super Soil for Best Results
When you are planting the first thing you have to think about is the soil, whether it’s for starting seeds, or planting in your garden or containers.  Learn how to enrich your soil organically, learn how to do a soil test, and how to find out just what your soil has in it vs what it needs for best gardening results.  BEGINNER

Class #7: Container Gardening: No Space? No Problem!
If you have a limited amount of space for your garden, want to try gardening on a smaller scale or just like small things you can learn a lot in this class.  Learn some vegetables that grow best in containers and all the steps from choosing your pot to harvesting those great goodies.  BEGINNER

Class #8: Natural Herbal Medicines: Growing a Wellness Garden
Did you know that you can help treat minor illnesses inexpensively and easily from your very own garden and yard?  Learn some simple recipes for teas made from your herbs and flowers that can really make a difference in how you feel.  Our grandparents and their grandparents did it.  Why can’t we?!  BEGINNER

Class #9: Superstars in Your Indiana Garden
There some fruits and vegetables that just make you think Indiana Summer.  Come learn how to grow, take care of and harvest your tomatoes, bell peppers, green beans, corn and zucchini squash.  Also take home some traditional Hoosier recipes for keeping these items into the Winter.  INTERMEDIATE

Class #10: Vegetable Garden Planning For your Home: Maximize your space for best results
Being prepared means better results.  All of us look forward to a bumper crop in our home gardens.  Learn how to really maximize your space for the highest yields and steps to take to ensure your healthiest garden yet through preventative measures to stop weeds and creation of the perfect space for your Organic vegetables. For the beginner and intermediate gardener.  INTERMEDIATE

Class #11: Let’s build a garden together: 10 X 10 Gardening
Many of us are limited on space but still want to try our hands at gardening.  Small space, No problem!  In this class, you will learn some different designs for maximizing a 100 sq ft garden space.  Salsa Garden? Canned vegetables? Mix of beauty and functionality? Early Spring Garden?  Late Garden?  Come join us to pattern a garden for your specific needs and heart’s desire.  INTERMEDIATE

Class #12: The Garden That Never Ends:  Planning for Three Seasons of Success
Planning a three-season garden before spring will help you make the most out of your garden this year. Plant multiple crops in the same beds, increase the variety of crops you grow, and really maximize your harvest.  ADVANCED

Class #13: Mulching Your Beds for Gardening Ease
As a gardener you’re happiest when your plants are happy and one of the things that plants love best is mulch.  In this class you’ll learn about the types and the benefits of mulch and how to use it properly.  Next to compost it’s your garden’s best friend year-round.  INTERMEDIATE

Class #14: Things Are Looking Up:  Going Vertical in Your Garden
Trellises, Stakes, Tee pees, Hanging pots, Pyramids, Walls; All are useful tools in your small space garden.  Whether it is Sweet Peas on a Trellis or Green Beans on a Teepee, many vegetables, herbs, and flowers can be trained to grow in a compact space with extra added support.  Come learn how to make the most of your space by going up.  The sky is the limit!  INTERMEDIATE


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